Our Story

JAM24Seven (Jesus Answers Me 24Seven) Enrichment Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization established in 2009 by its President, Joanne Jones. Founded on the belief that if we can provide youth and families with a safe, constructive environment, we can educate and encourage individuals to be productive citizens and transform disparities into possibilities.

JAM24Seven is a comprehensive complex for all age groups. Delivering a diverse range of amenities and activities, JAM24Seven offers the best in recreational, leisure, educational and empowerment programming. With an exceptional array of programs and services for the entire community, JAM24Seven aims to be the premiere center for children, teens, young adults, senior citizens and more.

The JAM24Seven Enrichment Center strives to provide a sense of purpose, confidence, and inspiration for all members. Our priorities are to create affordable recreation and enrichment opportunities, promote community wellness, and provide a secure, positive environment for children and teens. Our aim is to save, mentor, and restore. By serving as a conduit and catalyst for positive change, we believe we can transform lives and impact futures. By focusing on a person’s potential, we believe we can create better possibilities and outcomes for all we serve.

E a c h O n e .         R e a c h O n e .         S AV E A L L .