Mission and Vision



Our mission is to educate, mentor, motivate, and provide the resources to help children achieve their dreams, and become valuable and viable assets in the community.  Furthering our mission is to provide the best educational, athletic, recreational, and social programs to children, young adults and the elderly in a secure, state-of-the-art facility that will address the various unmet needs of families and communities.

JAM24Seven will be the premier community center and provide quality, comprehensive services and programs. We will support the youth and their families through constructive activities and events.

We want to inspire, motivate, and create a sense of hope that will impact the lives and futures of the people we serve. We will foster a positive environment that promotes and celebrates academic, social, career, personal and spiritual growth.

Our priority is to provide the best in youth services, family events, and individual and community development.  JAM24Seven will represent a new standard and reestablish integrity, pride, and respect for all members of the community. 

By engaging the minds, bodies, and spirits of each individual member, we can transform disparities into possibilities. Our vision is to reach one, teach one, save all.